10 Reasons You Must Visit Thailand in KohLanta

KohLanta is a pretty unique island, or I should say, group of islands. It is actually a group of smaller islands with two main parts: Noi and Yai. Of all the islands in the area, KohLantaYai is actually the most popular. It sits to the North of Noi and is full of things to see and do with plenty of resorts and hotels. This KohLanta island is an absolute treasure of the world and here are my top reasons why.

Well Developed

Koh Lanta is pretty well-developed for tourists. This makes accomadation a breeze if you are planning on staying for a few days (which I recommend). There is a lot to do so it is better to take a few days and pace yourself.

Quiet Getaways

Just because the islands are well-developed doesn’t mean you can’t get away from the hustle and bustle of Thai life. On the southern end of the Island there are a few low key spots such as KlongJark Beach. Escape the business and have a drink at its exclusive bar.


Stunning Beaches

Thailand is full of beautiful beaches and Koh Lanta is no exception! In the 27 miles (43 km) of coastline you are sure to find a beach that suits you.

Cheap prices

During the Green Season times, prices for resorts can be found for roughly half off! Since the temperature is pretty consistent all year long, there is not really a downside to the time you go! The ferry to Koh Lanta is also fairly inexpensive.

English is okay!

Many of the Thai locals on the island are used to tourists coming and going so they have a lot of practice speaking English. You can also find many signs or info centers with English. Many people visit only speaking English and can get around perfectly fine.

Nature and Wildlife

There are a number of national parks available along the extensive coastline. The most popular and wildlife rich is called Mu Ko Lanta. It’s a wonderful place to spot all kinds of creatures. Some even get fortunate enough to spot one of the wild tigers native to Thailand. However, if you don’t see one there are still plenty of unique birds and interesting reptiles filling the area.



Kayaking is a great way to see some of the better views of the island. There are a bunch of places willing to rent out kayaks. On the island’s eastern side, you can catch the crazy sights of thriving mangroves, making for excellent photos!


There are some pretty amazing sights to see in the water as well. During certain times of the year, a whale shark may present itself! There are also splendid reefs and even underwater caves!

Easily Accessible

it’s not hard to find a Koh Lanta ferry.There is a ferry to Koh Lanta by Andaman Ferry Service. You can even book online for the added convenience!