Know How To Avail A Ferry To Koh Lipe For An Excellent Vacation

Behold the island hoppers! Koh Lipe is calling you to spend a blissful vacation in one of the world’s excellent archipelagos. Koh Lipe is the righteous combination of un-littered white sea beaches, turquoise water, and rocky cliffs. Imagine a vacationing location with white beaches, touching the calm sea water, adorned by steep cliffs and rocky edges. Nothing seems to be perfect than these spots for spending a tropical vacation. The climate is stable all the year except during the monsoons. Koh Lipe is guarded by the unspoiled islands of Butong Archipelago. The godly beaches here will take your breath away.
Exotic beaches in Koh Lipe
Andaman Ferry Service presents excellent service for Ferry to Koh LipeIf you want to live your dream of sailing in the deep sea waters along with your adventurous group then you are in the right place. We offer exotic islands where you will find heavenly bliss while spending your holidays.
There are three main beaches to plan your vacation. The most popular beach here is Pattaya Beach. It remains crowded all over the year. You will find tourists from all over the world enjoying sunbathing lying down on the white sand and getting tanned. During the daytime, you can travel to the nearest islands and witness the tranquil beauty. At night, the entire coasts, especially near the resorts light up. The majority of the bars remain open till 2 AM at night.
The two other significant beaches in Koh Lipe are Sunset Beach and Sunrise Beach. The latter one is better as it remains more secluded that all other beaches. Here also you will find excellent ambiance. You will find movie-like stretching sandbars here. To witness the bewitching sunset in the blue sea, Sunset Beach is the ideal location. This is the best location other than Pattaya Beach for the honeymooners and tourists to view the panoramic bliss of a sunset. The entire sky turns orange when the sun sets far west. The awesome scenery of the beaches and rocking boats floating on the sea water will mesmerize you.
Booking a Ferry to Koh Lipe
You can easily book a Ferry to Koh Lipe via our online website. All you have to do is to fill the respective tables with specific information to get the idea about the ferry timings and fare. The ferries from Malaysia also come to Koh Lipe. If you are hopping islands in Langkawi then you can make it here via the ferry services.
You will need an immigration pass and your passport to board a ferry. It will take an hour and a half to reach Koh Lipe. In fact, you will also get ferries from the famous locations here such as Koh Kradan, Koh Libong, Koh Ngai, Phuket, Koh Bulone, Pakbara, etc.
Get the basic idea about the ferries and plan your island hopping itinerary likewise so that you can enjoy the blissful vacation in a planned way. Choose the seaways to cover most of the exotic islands and enjoy a memorable vacation. 



Know the Secret and Enjoying Amazing Phi Phi Island

You must be waiting to pack your bags and set for the fun as winters are approaching and you are ready for the holidays. A trip to different islands in Thailand is a great idea this season. You will get everything according to your tastes and preferences. A comfortable flight journey, pleasant stay at the luxurious hotels and yummy food to treat your tummy will give you the most required break. A new and a fresh start for the beginning of the New Year. This trip will leave you so energetic that you will wait for the next one.

Ferry to Phi Phi from Phuket

The places to visit

If you have only limited time and can visit only a few places or maybe just one island, then Phi PhiIsland and Phuket is a must to visit. They are beautiful islands. You can hire speedboats or ferry to reach there through Bangkok. Comparatively, ferries are more comfortable, and you will be able to get it quickly. Andaman Ferry Service can help you book Ferry to Phi Phi from Phuket at the best prices. Tourists are attracted to these islands more as compared to other islands. These islands are always on the top of the wish list.

Ferry to Phi Phi from Phuket

A little information about the comfort while traveling

Winter season is the best time to enjoy the sun and get tanned. Ferries provide you with this facility as the deck at the top is a sundeck where you can enjoy the sun. At the same time, the lower floor is fully air-conditioned and different snacks are available to satisfy your hunger. So you have the option to be in your comfort zone. If you get lucky to arrange for the VIP tickets, then you can enjoy the middle deck, which is more comfortable and at the same time a bit more costly. Ferry to Phi Phi from Phuket is readily available.

Ferry to Phi Phi from Phuket

Enjoy the experience at beaches

You will love the Phi Phi island as it is a fascinating place along with the fantastic weather. If you want to enjoy the nightlife, then you are on the right island. It is very vibrant and entertaining, and along with that, you can enjoy the music till late. Beach lovers will love this place as the beaches are full of white sand surrounded by coconut trees. The water is so clear that it is almost see through. It is a fantastic experience as you can visit many beaches nearby. The best scenes for the photo shoot and group pictures.

Ferry to Phi Phi from Phuket

Everything available easily makes your trip a memorable experience

Planning a trip is easy but getting everything arranged for the trip is a little confusing task. There is nothing to get worried about these days. You need to think about the destination, and the rest of the work is for the agencies to do. They look into every detail and arrange from the start to the end. They even help you to book the best hotels within your budget. All this might seem difficult for you to organize but the organizations arrange everything with ease.

Jewel of a Paradise in Thailand—Koh Lipe by Ferry from Pakbara

If you visit Thailand you must visit Koh Lipe otherwise your tour is incomplete. This Crowning Jewel of the Thai archipelago is a small island you can walk across in an hour but its beauty is unparalleled.

Getting there is easy. Pak Bara is the nearest mainland port from you embarks. Ferry from Pakbara to Koh Lipe is available throughout the year and gets you there in the shortest time. It is a leisurely sail across calm and barmy waters to Koh Lipe. However, you can just as well take a speedboat to arrive at Koh Lipe in about 2 hours. Andaman Ferry Services offers leisurely ferry from Pakbara to Koh Lipe. The ferry is recommended for a luxury liner like experience where you can lean over the railing, admire the clear blue waters and watch aquatic life with a drink in your hand. Stroll along the deck, duck into the restaurant for a bite and then relax or enjoy conversations with fellow travellers. The journey is a destination in itself as you will find.


If your expectations were high when you set out, Koh Lipe does not disappoint. Home to Pattaya beach, the most famous of all for its variegated activities, Koh Lipe also offers the Sunrise beach and the Sunset beach of which the former is less crowded and more peaceful. It may seem like nothing much is going on here as the relaxed atmosphere soaks in. Surprisingly, there is plenty you can do in Koh Lipe.

Pick a beach and stretch out. However, you might want to explore the coral reefs all across the shoreline of Koh Lipe. Andaman Ferry Service provides guides and assistance to help you find the most beautiful ones with lovely marine life underwater. You can hire snorkeling equipments and dive to your heart’s content.

Getting about the island is simple. You either walk or hire motorcycle taxis. The preferred way is to get into a longboat and travel around the shoreline which gives you an opportunity to explore snorkelling sites such as Koh Hin-Ngam, a busy place, or Koh Rawi, a more secluded location with white sandy beach. From here you move on to Koh Adang and watch glow planktons as the skies darken. It is just unforgettable as the sea glows. For a moment you would think you are up there in the sky with stars all around you. At Koh Lipe you leave worries of life behind and simply immerse yourself in the beauties of Nature.  The place grows on you.When it is time to leave, you will fondly remember the massage at Pattaya beach if you went there, the glow planktons, the turquoise waters and the warmth of the local people.


When it is time to leave, you will fondly remember the massage at Pattaya beach if you went there, the glow planktons, the turquoise waters and the warmth of the local people.

Koh Lanta – Diving & Snorkeling Paradise in the Andaman Sea

Koh Lanta – Diving & Snorkeling Paradise in the Andaman Sea

Koh Lanta is a long and slender island in the Andaman Sea. It has vast beaches, inland mountains hidden in old growth jungle, protected mangrove forest, and a pristine national park. Koh Lanta has excellent white sand beaches, emerald waters and a real sense of peace and quiet. There are plenty of activities one cannot miss to do while on your trip to this charming place. It is a renowned destination for tourists seeking a tranquil holiday.

When traveling to Koh Lanta, one can use a speed boat, air travel or a ferry. A ferry to Koh Lanta is one of the best ways to get to your destination. The ferry goes through other beautiful islands in the surrounding including Ao Nang, Railay, and Phuket. When planning your trip to Koh Lanta book a ferry travel online and enjoy the remarkable services during your trip. One should get assured of fast, secure and reliable service.

Travelers from all over the world come to Koh Lanta for diving and snorkeling. Koh Lanta is characterized by some of the best beaches in Thailand, with a luxuriant jungle and magical sunsets. While in Koh Lanta, you can rent a jeep or a bike and explore the beaches, caves, waterfalls, and rivers in the area. The island is only twenty-five kilometres long and five kilometres wide, but tourists find a variety of things to do and see during their visit.

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Koh Lanta is mainly sandy, shallow beaches that are essential for training, both diving, and snorkeling. The warm, clear waters and very little waves and current make it excellent for diving. Koh Lanta has become a fantastic place to learn how to dive. There also caverns, caves and deep waters for the experts in diving and snorkelling.


Snorkelling around Koh Lanta is excellent a day trip is arranged to take you to the beat spots on the island; a very good way to explore hidden areas. The clear waters and the amazing reef life is simply awesome. November to April is the best diving time; during the dry season. There are different dive sites for every level of diver. Beginners will enjoy easy diving on fringing reefs while expert divers will take up a challenge on offshore dive sites.

For beginners, you can learn to dive or undertake a diving course this is available on the island. With all these activities you make your diving holiday unforgettable accompanied by all the fun. Apart from diving and snorkelling a walk along the shore is also an amazing experience. Enjoy the best nightlife in Koh Lanta and breath-taking sunsets. Have a taste of the best seafood, experience the diversity of culture as Koh Lanta is a home to different people.

There are plenty of resorts and bungalows to ensure you get a rest after every day’s tour all over the island or a day full of activities. The island is quiet and peaceful making your stay comfortable. Make Koh Lanta your holiday destination and so much is in store for you.

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10 Reasons You Must Visit Thailand in KohLanta

KohLanta is a pretty unique island, or I should say, group of islands. It is actually a group of smaller islands with two main parts: Noi and Yai. Of all the islands in the area, KohLantaYai is actually the most popular. It sits to the North of Noi and is full of things to see and do with plenty of resorts and hotels. This KohLanta island is an absolute treasure of the world and here are my top reasons why.

Well Developed

Koh Lanta is pretty well-developed for tourists. This makes accomadation a breeze if you are planning on staying for a few days (which I recommend). There is a lot to do so it is better to take a few days and pace yourself.

Quiet Getaways

Just because the islands are well-developed doesn’t mean you can’t get away from the hustle and bustle of Thai life. On the southern end of the Island there are a few low key spots such as KlongJark Beach. Escape the business and have a drink at its exclusive bar.


Stunning Beaches

Thailand is full of beautiful beaches and Koh Lanta is no exception! In the 27 miles (43 km) of coastline you are sure to find a beach that suits you.

Cheap prices

During the Green Season times, prices for resorts can be found for roughly half off! Since the temperature is pretty consistent all year long, there is not really a downside to the time you go! The ferry to Koh Lanta is also fairly inexpensive.

English is okay!

Many of the Thai locals on the island are used to tourists coming and going so they have a lot of practice speaking English. You can also find many signs or info centers with English. Many people visit only speaking English and can get around perfectly fine.

Nature and Wildlife

There are a number of national parks available along the extensive coastline. The most popular and wildlife rich is called Mu Ko Lanta. It’s a wonderful place to spot all kinds of creatures. Some even get fortunate enough to spot one of the wild tigers native to Thailand. However, if you don’t see one there are still plenty of unique birds and interesting reptiles filling the area.



Kayaking is a great way to see some of the better views of the island. There are a bunch of places willing to rent out kayaks. On the island’s eastern side, you can catch the crazy sights of thriving mangroves, making for excellent photos!


There are some pretty amazing sights to see in the water as well. During certain times of the year, a whale shark may present itself! There are also splendid reefs and even underwater caves!

Easily Accessible

it’s not hard to find a Koh Lanta ferry.There is a ferry to Koh Lanta by Andaman Ferry Service. You can even book online for the added convenience!

Book a Date with Andaman Ferry Service

Andaman ferry service is a company that has carved a niche in boat and ferry transport in various areas around the Andaman Sea. The company offers its services mainly to visitors traveling to destinations such as Phi Phi Islands, and Krabi among other destinations. In all of these destinations, you can choose either one way or round trip arrangement. Such a choice depends on your travel plans and maybe the discounts offered by the company could influence that too. Their booking platform is inbuilt and quite easy to use, making bookings an easy undertaking as you will see.

The main destinations as listed on the websites are Ao Nang, Koh Kradan, Koh Ngai, Koh Libong, Koh Mook, Krabi Town, Koh Lipe, Langkawi, Koh Lanta, Phi Phi, Phuket, Railay, Trang, and Koh Bulon. You will find trips to and from various destinations listed in the destinations section. The packages are inclusive of departure time and expected travel time as well as the price. No need to worry about the calculations as pertains to money exchange. The site has an inbuilt calculator that allows you to convert most of the currencies into Thai Baht or vice versa. Making it easier for visitors and potential clients to calculate expected charges in their home currencies.

ferry service in Andaman

In case you are not familiar with the ferry services, you probably do not know that ferry services are only available in all places during the high season. For Andaman ferry service, they are no exception; they do not ply some routes in the low season. They, however, stand out due to their route map, which illustrates in a very elaborate manner all the routes they ply, when and what routes use a speed boat or ferry. Therefore, if traveling in the low season., the map helps you decide what routes you can connect to serve your interests best.

At the Faq section, you will get insight into some of the concerns raised by most customers. It is also in this section that you will get a glimpse of the terms and conditions of using Andaman ferry services. Make sure you go through this section to get an answer to some of the questions you may have at the back of your head. In case anything is not clear yet, feel free to chat with representatives through the platforms provided, such as the social media pages and their email address. You can also call them and your call as well as questions will be received warmly.

andaman ferry service
For top Notch services, regards boat and ferry transport along the Andaman sea, book a date with Andaman ferry service. You will love their professional way of doing things without a doubt. Mind you, their charges are comparatively cheap and discounts only make it cheaper. They do support PayPal with support for Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Payments made online are safety assured as the platform is PayPal verified. That said, all that is left is making a booking, and availing yourself on time to enjoy the excellent services in the offing.

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Tips to get Ferry from Pak Bara to Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe is tucked in the interior. It is 64 km from Pak Bara, the nearest Thai Port and 40 km from Langkawi. While Langkawi might seem like the easiest route into Koh Lipe, it is regrettably so only in the high season. Otherwise, the Pak Bara route remains most reliable all year round. There are ferries plying the Pak Bara-Koh Lipe route on a daily basis. Nonetheless, their frequency remains highly dependent on the number of passengers available.

The Langkawi route means you have to wait for the high season, which runs from early November to the end of April. During this season, you can unbelievably travel from Koh Lipe to Phuket without necessarily ever going to the mainland. It is achievable by going to various islands such as Koh Lanta, Koh Phi Phi, Krabi, and Langkawi. Keep reading to find out how.


Flying from Bangkok to Trang or Hat Yai: air travel takes you as far as Trang or Hat Yai airports. The rest of the journey is for the minivans or taxis, and it takes up to 90 minutes. As of 2013, you can now connect by plane using Nok Air or Air Asia. These companies even offer packages that include a minivan or taxi hire, and speed boat charges. However, that might prove expensive, thus the importance of ferries. Luckily, Andaman ferry service from Pak Bara to Koh Lipe has your back when it comes to delivery and price friendliness.

From Phuket to Koh Lipe: the period running from November to May is a high season. Hence, ferries plying this route at this time are usually booked in advance. In case you choose to take this route, adding more fun and adventure, make sure to book early.


From Phi Phi Island to Koh Lipe: again this route is highly efficient only in the high season. During the low season, you can still travel via Phi Phi but to get to Koh Lipe would need a connection. First, you go via ferry to Krabi and then from there you take a minibus to Pak Bara where ferries going to Koh Lipe are available all year round. The route needs advance booking too.



You now have an idea of how you can get into Koh Lipe. Things are quite dynamic though, and that is why you should keep on digging for information online, in case you are planning a visit. Nonetheless, Pak Bara to Koh Lipe remains a sure shot, especially for first timers. The other routes are best advised for people visiting a second time, or veterans seeking a new twist. When it comes to Koh Lipe, the surprises never seem to end. The only pier available is an offshore floating pier out in the coral reef. As such, you have to seek the services of sea gypsies. Upon paying an additional fee, these local taxi boats will ferry you from the floating pier to any beach on the island. Boat fees are within the 50bht range. While the journey to Koh Lipe might seem long and tiresome, it is worth the trouble.